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        Machining Services

        MH Machining has never shied away from a difficult or challenging project. We are experienced with Titanium and Stainless Steel and be able to work on other rare alloys with tolerances of +/-.0001 and long thin wall products. Our material is to serve Chinese defense industry and should be safe for you and our permanent staff team promises you reliable product with our 60years technic and management accumulation.
        Precision machining capabilities include:
        5-Axis Precision Milling
        High Capacity Horizontal Milling
        Small Precision lathe work
        High precision Grinding
        We have kinds of precision machining equipment 212sets, more detailed equipment information can be found here.

            XJRP SPS350 3D printer
        Laser scanning speed:8m/s
        Laser spot diameter: 0.15mm
        Molding volume (mm):350350350
        Processing layer thickness: 0.05mm~0.2mm
        Power: 3KW
          DMU-60P 5axis machining center
        Travel(mm): X600 Y700 Z600
        Workbench size: 1000x600mm
        Workbench diameter: 630mm
        Positioning accuracy: 0.008mm/200mm
        repeat positioning accuracy: 0.005mm
        Tool magazine: 24
        Embedded CNC rotary table: 600mm
        Groove spacing: 63mm
        The maximum load capacity of the countertop: 500kg
        Motor spindle: SK40 18000rpm
          OKK HM1250S Horizontal machining center
        X-axis travel: 1700mm
        Y-axis travel: 1397mm
        Z axis travel: 1240mm
        Power: 29.8KW
        Maximum spindle speed: 12000rpm
        Tool magazine: 40
        Tray length X width (mm): 1250X1250
          LG Mazak HCN5000IIIL
        X-axis travel: 730mm
        Y-axis travel: 730mm
        Z axis travel: 800mm
        Tray size mm : 500500
        Maximum workpiece size of the tray mm: 8001000
        Maximum pallet load: 700 Kg
        Workbench indexing 0.001
          FEELER FMH-500
        X-axis travel: 730mm
        Y axis travel: 710mm
        Z axis travel: 730mm
        Maximum spindle speed: 10000rpm
        Table size mm:500x500
        Maximum load capacity: 500 Kg
        Workbench indexing 0.001
          GF MIKRON HEM800
        X-axis travel: 850mm
        Y axis travel: 530mm
        Z axis travel: 600mm
        Maximum spindle speed: 20000rpm
        Table size mm: 1050x560
        Maximum load capacity: 800Kg
          HC-3000L CNC Gantry Milling
        Processing length mm: 3000
        Machining height mm: 1000
        Column spacing mm: 2000
        Workbench size mm:3000X1710
        Power: 28.7KW
          Smart Mill engraving machine 5sets
        Machining size mm: 500600230
        Spindle maximum speed rpm: 28000
          CJK6150H CNC lathe
        Maximum turning diameter mm: 500
        Maximum workpiece length mm: 960
        Maximum turning length mm : 820
        Spindle aperture mm: 52
        Turning workpiece roundness (mm): 0.005
          HA1200 Su Sanguang middle wire cutting machine
        Workbench size: 800mm 600mm
        Worktable maximum load: 1000Kg
        X, Y, Z axis travel (mm): 600 400 400
        Optimal surface roughness: Ra0.1
          GF AgieCharmilles FORM30 Electric spark forming machine
        Workbench size: 800mm 600mm
        Worktable maximum load: 1000Kg
        X, Y, Z axis travel (mm): 600 400 400
        Optimal surface roughness: Ra0.1
          ACTSPARK XENON Low speed wire cutting machine
        Workbench size (mm) 740400
        Maximum processing thickness 600mm
        Maximum cutting taper 15/150mm (workpiece thickness)
        Bidirectional positioning accuracy 0.016 mm
          LH-600E Altimeter Mitutoyo
        Measuring range mm 0-972
        Repeatability plane/hole m 0.4/0.9
        Verticality m 4
        TIM3020 tool mapping microscope
        X, Y, Z axis travel mm 300 200 200
        Scale resolution mm 0.001
        Linear accuracy m 3
        Repeatability accuracy m 4
          ZEISS CMM
        Measuring range mm: 700 700 1000
        Measurement accuracy m:

        machining service
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