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        Sheet Metal Service

        For sheet metal fabrication, we mainly work on aircraft parts/component, telecommunication indoor/outdoor Enclosures, Racks, Chassis, component and sub-assemblies.
        A complete list of machining equipment can be found here

            Image detector Inspection
          CNC Punch-Laser Combination
        power of laser: 4,000 W;
        max sheet size using loading robot: 3,0001,500 mm;
        max sheet size with manual load: 4,2001,500 mm;
        max sheet weight: 200 kg;
        max punching area without repo: 3,1441,565 mm;
        max sheet thickness: 6 mm;
        punching force: 300 kN;
        marking: available;
        automatic threading: M2,5-M8.
          Japan AMADA shearing machine M2545
        Cutting accuracy: 0.1mm
        Cutting length: 2500mm
        Shear thickness: 4.5mm
        Shear frequency: 60 times per minute
          Amada Hydraulic Turret Punching368
        max press force: 30 t;
        sheet dimensions: up to 1,5004,000 mm;
        sheet thickness: up to 6 mm.
          AMADA Turret Punching ARIES-345
          AMADA CNC bending machine FBDII-1030
        Max pressure: 100 tons
        Max bending length: 3100mm
        Max processing thickness: 3mm
        Max stroke of the back gauge: 500mm
        Bending angle accuracy: 30
        Bending length accuracy: 0.1mm
          AMADA CNC Bending machine BD-8025
          AMADA Turret Punching ARIES-245
        maximum press force: 20 t;
        sheet dimensions: up to 1,0002,540 mm;
        sheet thickness: up to 6 mm.
        Accuracy: 0.1mm
          Xact Smart 225 CNC Bending
        Pressure tonnage:50-300t
        Bending length:1600mm-4100mm
        Opening height:430mm-580mm
        Standard itinerary:150mm-300mm
        Maximum fast traverse speed: 140mm/s
        Maximum working speed: 10mm/s
          LEAD IIF-6022A laser cutting machine
        Processing area length width: 6000 2200mm positioning accuracy: 0.03mm
        Repeatability: 0.02mm
        Cutting thickness:Steel plate 0.5~16mm
        Aluminum plate 0.3~6mm
        Stainless steel plate 0.3~6mm
        Power: 2000W
          Plasma cutter
          Well type electric furnace
          Box type electric furnace
          China Electric Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Furnace
        Furnace capacity mm3: 1000X1000X800/td>

        machining service
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