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        MH Machining Co., Ltd,

        With more than 60years history we are aiming to be the first choice contract manufacturer of precision machined parts, sheet metal fabrications and integrations for a wide variety of uses and markets, including:

            ?  Aerospace
            ?  Communications
            ?  Package Machinery
            ?  Industrial pump &Valve
            ?  Oil & gas equipment
            ?  Weapon

        Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement set up apart from others and make us famous for high efficiency and ZERO defect.

                Fenghuo has provided TETRA PAK with key components in Stainless steel and Titanium since 2006, and won the TETRA PAK Global Supplier Silver Medal in 2014.
                Our Quality Management System begins with our Team Members. We believe quality products come from quality people. Our Team Members are provided the training resources and tools to produce, our mission is to meet and exceed our customersĄŻ expectations.

        Factory Tour  
        Factory Tour  
        machining service
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        Telephone:+86-29-89180281  Address:No.25 GAOXIN 6TH ROAD, GAOXIN DISTRICT, XiĄŻan, Shaanxi, China  Email:info@xacmfg.com
        The record number:ęƒICP02058012̖