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        2020/4/1|Independentaly developed Shaft Temperatu

        The independentaly developed Shaft Temperature Alarm for the 160 km/h high speed rail has successfully passed the type inspection.

        2020/3/16|Internal audit 2020 final meeting held


        2020/3/3|Approved as a smart manufacturing pilot

        Recently, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of provincial smart manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises in 2020, and our company is on the list. It is understood that the evaluation of the provincial intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration unit is very strict. After a number of selection links such as pre-review of materials, evaluation and defense, and on-site inspections by experts, it was finally selected and successfully selected. This honor is fully affirmation and recognition of our company's adherence to the "digital beacon" construction. The company will take this opportunity to take the national "National Intelligent Manufacturing Standard System Construction Guide" as a guide, focus on solving the company's operations, research and development, production and other problems, adhere to the general principle of "application traction, data-driven" and accelerate the "digital beacon" "Construction, so as to improve the entire process of the company's operations, research and development, production and other lean, digital, informatized, and intelligent levels, shorten the new product development cycle, improve production efficiency, product quality, reduce operating costs, and truly bring intelligent manufacturing to the Actually, it helps enterprises to develop with high quality.

        2020/3/3|The leaders of Weibin District came to i

        On the morning of February 14, Liu Binbin, Mayor of Weibin District, Duan Qingqing, Standing Member of the Weibin District Party Committee and Executive Deputy District Chief, and Miao Kun, Deputy Mayor of Weibin District, etc., came to the company for inspection and guidance on epidemic prevention and control and resumption. Company leaders, New Crown Pneumonia Prevention and Control Leading Group Tang Dakai, Song Tao, He Jianjian, etc., reported to the District Mayor and his party on the first floor of the conference room to report the company's recent epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work. At the symposium, Tang Dakai, secretary of the company's party committee, chairman, and leader of the prevention and control leadership group, said that the company had made adequate preparations in various aspects to address the current severe epidemic situation. The first is to improve the organization and establishment of an epidemic prevention and control team, which is carefully deployed and actively responded to the best efforts in epidemic prevention; the second is to establish and improve the epidemic prevention measures and systems, implement personnel health registration, regularly do a good job of eliminating virus in factories and communities, and simultaneously Provide good job security for employees, provide meal subsidies for employees returning to work, solve the problems of employees' living difficulties during the observation period, and ensure that the epidemic prevention work is practical and detailed; the third is to improve relevant emergency measures to prevent problems before they occur, and make every effort to ensure employees during the return to work Good health and life safety. Chairman Tang said that Beacon will fully support and cooperate with the district party committee and district government to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and win the fight against epidemic prevention and control. In response to the company's production and operation tasks, Chairman Tang said that at present, all units of the company have begun to resume production. The company requires all units to change their work thinking and change their working models, try to rush the work forward, and take back the delay of the epidemic For the second half of the country's new economic recovery and development policy, seize opportunities, set aside time, and make preparations to contribute to the economic development of the region. After listening to the report, the mayor of Liu pointed out that in recent years, Beacon has focused on its main business and has played a good example in several major state-owned enterprises in Weibin District. During the epidemic prevention and control process, the Beacon Group was able to organize and command effectively, to formulate and perfect measures and implement them firmly. The prevention and control work has also been highly affirmed by the district committee, district government, and sub-district office. He hopes that the flames will continue and work together to overcome the difficulties. The mayor also put forward requirements for the next step of epidemic prevention and control and resumption work: First, resolutely implement the decisions and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial party committee, the provincial government and their superiors on epidemic prevention work and resumption of production, and make every effort to do a good job The epidemic prevention and control work in our district; the second is that the district party committee and district government will strengthen communication with enterprises to form a strong synergy between up and down, and the city will continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, personnel registration, inspection, isolation Work, resolutely implement the work requirements of "foreign defense import, internal non-proliferation", the district government will also do a good job of coordination to effectively solve the difficulties and problems during the epidemic prevention period for the people in the area, and jointly win the battle against epidemic prevention and control. The district government also donated epidemic prevention items such as masks, alcohol and protective clothing for the company. Relevant persons in charge of the Weibin District Government Office and the Industry and Information Bureau accompanied the inspection and guidance. Relevant persons in charge of the company office, party committee work department, and human resources department participated in the discussion.

        2020/1/8|Many media published reports that Fenghu

        Recently, many media such as People's Daily, Securities Times, Baoji News, Baoji Daily, Baoji TV Station, Radio Baoji and many other media have widely publicized Fenghuo winning of the 5th China Industrial Awards. The report pointed out that in the new economy and the new normal, Shaanxi Fenghuo Communication Group Co., Ltd. has promoted supply-side structural reforms in transformation and upgrading, innovation and creation, quality branding, green development, deep integration of the two industries, opening up cooperation, human resource development, and A series of fruitful and distinctive practices have been formed in cultural construction and other aspects. They are the representative of China's industrial reform and opening up to the past 40 years of hard work, independent innovation, courage to climb the peak, and go global. It is a benchmark for adhering to the new industrialization road with Chinese characteristics. It plays an excellent exemplary role in leading the development of industry enterprises. A number of media have reported on our company's awards, which has effectively enhanced our company's popularity and reputation. Winning this honor is the praise and recognition of the company for its ¡°remembering mission, patriotic dedication, quality and integrity, and innovation¡±, as well as its encouragement and expectations for the company. In the new era and a new starting point, Beacon will be guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. He will not forget his original intention, keep his mission in mind, adhere to "cultural leadership, planning leadership", adhere to "strengthening the main business and driving innovation", The industry is top-ranking and a century of beacon fire "makes unremitting efforts to make greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream, the dream of a strong military, and the modernization of national defense communications equipment!

        2019/12/4|The testing center won name

        Recently, our company's testing and testing center was identified as the "Shaanxi Industrial Product Quality Control and Technology Evaluation Laboratory" by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. It is the only laboratory in Baoji that has entered the provincial electronic information laboratory list. From the project application declaration, construction project design, system construction, feasibility program demonstration, and expert review, the laboratory application work took five months. ????In April 2019, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Organizing the Application for Provincial Industrial Product Quality Control and Technology Evaluation Labs in 2019". After receiving the notice, the testing and testing center seriously studied and communicated with the Baoji City Industrial and Information Bureau and the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information for many times to understand the application conditions and related policies, and organized relevant personnel to study and exchange in Xi'an's approved laboratory. In order to ensure that the application materials are accurate, the testing and experiment center arranges a special person to organize and summarize them, perfecting the application materials, and laying a solid foundation for the laboratory's successful application. ????The successful application of this laboratory is a full recognition of the quality level and testing capabilities of our company's testing and testing center, and has played a positive role in promoting the future development of the testing and testing center. The testing and test center will take this opportunity to continue to strengthen its own capacity building, keep up with the development trend of the electronic information industry, continuously improve the level of professional services, and give full play to the role of laboratories in the quality control and technical evaluation of electronic information products for the company. Make a greater contribution to high-quality development.

        2019/12/4|Baocheng employees won awards in the gro

        A few days ago, in the sixth vocational skills competition of the Aviation Industry Group in 2019, Baocheng employee Bai Qiang won the award of aviation instrument assembler. In the first female employee vocational skills competition of the Aviation Industry Group, Baocheng employee Mao Xiaorong won the quality inspector (mechanical product) award.

        2019/10/21|Baocheng won the award for management in

        Recently, in the evaluation of the 11th management innovation achievement organized by Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd., Baocheng¡¯s management innovation result ¡°Full Process Cost Optimization of Purchasing Management¡± won the third prize. It is reported that this year's management innovation results appraisal, a total of 153 management innovation results were collected, and finally 58 results were awarded, including: first prize, 24 second prize, and third prize.

        2019/9/19|Liu Yingjun, deputy director of the Prov

        On September 3, Liu Yingjun, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, visited the company for investigation. The company leaders Tang Dazhao and He Health, thank you for the warm reception of Deputy Director Liu and his party. During the investigation, Chairman Tang made a brief report to the Deputy Director Liu Yingjun on the construction and operation of the ¡°National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Communication Equipment Design and Manufacturing¡± and ¡°Enterprise Technology Center¡±. Chairman Tang said that since the establishment of the two centers, all work has been carried out in an orderly manner. In recent years, scientific and technological innovations have made remarkable achievements and formed their own core technologies. Many scientific and technological achievements have won provincial and ministerial-level awards. New products and new technologies have played a significant role in improving the economic benefits of enterprises, and have also effectively promoted the talent team of enterprises. Construction, academic exchanges and cooperation and construction of various platforms. Liu Yingjun affirmed the practice of using two centers to enhance the strength of scientific and technological innovation and continuously improve the quality of business operations. He emphasized that Bonfire is a company with a glorious development process. At present, in the face of rapid development of technology in the field of communication, competition is fierce. The status quo, enterprises must seize the opportunity, give full play to the role of the two centers, accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises. Accompanied by the company's leaders, Liu Yingjun and his entourage visited the corporate exhibition room and listened to the company's leadership on the industrial layout and product application. The head of the High Technology Department of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, An Jun, the Baoji Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Hu Bo, Hu Junqi, and the heads of the company's technical reform and construction department, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other relevant departments accompanied the investigation. ?

        2019/9/19|The Northwest Civil Aviation Administrat

        On August 30, Li Bolai, deputy director of the Northwest Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation Administration, visited our company. Liu Hongwei, deputy general manager of Fenghuo Electronics, warmly received Deputy Director Li and his party. Under the company's leadership, Deputy Director Li and his party visited the company's corporate exhibition hall, assembly shop and testing and testing center. At the symposium, Deputy General Manager Liu briefed the guests on the basic situation and industrial layout of the company. He said that in recent years, the company has attached great importance to the improvement of scientific and technological innovation capabilities and continued to increase investment in scientific research. At present, we have various exchange and cooperation platforms such as postdoctoral workstations and academician workstations, which have effectively promoted the company's scientific research level. In the aviation market, the company has continuously expanded its product application fields. Currently, dozens of products have passed airworthiness. Forensics, equipped with a variety of models. At present, facing the multiple competitive pressures of the market, the company will continue to enhance its research and manufacturing capabilities, and strive to form a ¡°fist product¡± to contribute to the company's high quality development. Deputy Director Li spoke highly of the achievements of Bonfire in scientific and technological innovation and fully affirmed the contribution that Bonfire has made to the development of national civil aviation for many years. He hopes that Bonfire will give full play to the advantages of technology and talents in the communications industry, seize the opportunity of the country's civil aviation development, continue to expand its business and market, and gradually form an industrialized layout in the civil aviation and communications fields. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges around the development of civil aviation. ?
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