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        Facilities List

        Precision Sheet Metal Equipment?(27sets)
        Type Equipment Quantity
        Combination machine CNC Punch-Laser Combination? 1
        Plasma cutter 1
        Punching machine Amada Hydraulic Turret Punching 368 1
        Amada Hydraulic Turret Punching 245 1
        Amada Hydraulic Turret Punching 345 1
        Normal punching?????? 10
        Bending machine AMADA CNC Bending Turret1030?? 1
        AMADA CNC Bending Turret8025 1
        Large Bending Machine????? 1
        Middle Bending Machine??? 1
        Small Bending Machine??????? 2
        Xact Smart 225 CNC Bending?? 1
        Stretching machine Soviet Union Stretching machine 1
        Shearing machine Amada 630GP???????????? 1
        Amada M2545 1
        Image detector Image detector 1
        Welding machine China Electric Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Furnace 1

        Precision Machining Equipment (212sets)
        Type Equipment Model Quantity
        3D printer 3D printer SPS350 1
        Planer, Grinding, Drilling,
        5Axis Machining Center DMU 60P 1
        4Axis Machining Center TAIWAN DAL LIH 1
        Horizontal Machining Center Japan OKK HM1250S, Mazak HCN5000ⅢL, Feeler FMH500 3
        Gantry milling machining center KMC-3000SD, HC-3000L 2
        Vertical Machining Center DMC63V, Mazak VCS530CL, Mikron HEM800,
        Hardinge GX1000P, MAZAK FJV-250,
        Hartford PRO-1000, Hartford VMC850AP,
        PL800A, XH714D, VMC750, PL800A
        CNC milling XK714G 2
        CNC engraving and milling machine Carver600TE_A12S 1
        Drilling and tapping center Hardinge GX710HS, Brother TC S2Z,
        GX710HS, MT52D, ZH7120D
        Turning Center EU 42M 1
        Other Lathe CNC Lathe, CNC Slitting Lathe, CNC Row lathe, Lathe Machine, Instrument Lathe machine 36
        Electric spark,? wire cutting machine Electric spark forming machine,
        Electric spark high speed punching machine, Low speed wire cutting machine, Middle speed wire cutting machine, Wire cutting machine
        Other Milling Universal tool milling machine, Digital display milling machine, Vertical turret milling machine,
        Universal lifting table milling machine, Milling machine, Universal boring and milling machine
        Coordinate Boring machine 2450M, T4240, T4240 3
        Universal grinding machine Studer RHU-500, M1420, MG1432A×1500 3
        Other Grinder Universal tool grinder, Horizontal axis rectangular table surface grinder, centerless grinder 6
        Arc Crawler (rough polishing) 200L 1
        Arc vibration machine (fine polishing) 100L 4
        Shaper BC6063B 1
        Gear shaping machine Y54 1
        Broaching machine 7A510 1
        Pneumatic tapping machine BS-12A 1
        other drilling and tapping machines Vertical drilling machine, Radial drilling machine, Bench drill, Thread rolling machine, Desktop tapping machine 53
        Die Casting Cold chamber die casting machine 250T, 280T, 300T, 500T 4
        Inspection Tool mapping microscopy TIM3020 1
        Japan Mitutoyo Altimeter LH-600E/EG 1
        Japan Mitutoyo surface roughness measuring instrument SJ210 1
        ZEISS CMM Global performance 2
        Auxiliary equipment sawing, straightening, cutting, dust removal, winding, oven? Automatic sawing machine, Horizontal band sawing machine, sawing machine, Bar straightening machine, Cutting machine, Round straightening and cutting machine, Straightening and cutting machine, Bow sawing machine, Dust removal grinder, Hydraulic press, Automatic winding spring machine, Multi-purpose oven 18

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        machining service
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